I bet they look a lot like mine.

I'm not much of a good person anymore.

Maybe I never was.

I never know, I think, I guess.

Oh and I'm Claire, 16, Dutch.


If only I actually could snap out of it

You took it
It took you
The monster inside of you

Is it even real?
Is it all an illusion?
Or is it the disease of “help me”

"It’s all in your head",
Yes, that’s the exact problem
I can’t show you what’s going on
If it is real
Or if I am lacking
In everything

The bridges I built are burning down
The stitches I made are being cut again
The heart I created keeps being stepped on
And I deserve it, don’t I?

I am an itch on the back
I am gum under your shoe
I am the horrors of my past
I am the ghost that haunts my room

The obstacles are rough

I just wish
That all in all
It’d be proven
That I am empty


You’ll never know.


when your friend is sad and you dont really know what to do or say


thatoneproudguy well well :p

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ohmygod yes please



I would not be surprised if my body would actually start turning into dust and limb by limb I’ll be blown away to nowhere because I’m so fucking empty and fragile

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